2014 Chevrolet Malibu Pricing and Fuel Efficiency Numbers!

The 2014 Chevrolet Malibu got a major makeover after just being on the market for one year. The changes aren’t only about the styling though. With the Malibu still not for sale yet, Chevrolet released some important figures for its upcoming star.

2014 Chevrolet MalibuThe biggest improvement for the 2014 model is the fuel economy. The 2014 model has an EPA estimated 25 miles per gallon city and 36 miles per gallon highway which is a 14 percent improvement in city fuel economy from the 2013 model. The starting price for the Malibu will be $22,965 which includes the $825 destination fee but does not include the tax, title, dealer fees and license.

Todd Pawlik, Malibu chief engineer, said “The key was to apply the knowledge we gained from our eAssist technology. By leveraging knowledge form the stop/start system we use on eAssist, we were able to significantly improve city fuel ratings by 3 mpg, or 14 percent on Malibu’s entry-level 2.5L model, compared to the 2013 model.”

Crossroads Chevrolet anxiously awaits the arrival of the 2014 Malibu. Visit our website for other 2014 models we have in stock!

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