Mayhem OD Event at Crossroads Chevrolet!

Mayhem OD is another show based in West Virginia, but creators say that it will show the true West Virginia. Mayhem OD is a hunting show that follows three West Virginia men around the nation as the hunt from deer to wild hogs to elk.

The show will start in West Virginia where the three stars, also good friends, start hunting and move out west. The show will air their hunting expenditures from the last three years. The stars want to keep the show family-based because they’re proud to be West Virginia.

Mayhem ODCrossroads Chevrolet is the biggest sponsor of the show. They will be hosting a celebration in honor of the release of the 2014 Chevy trucks and the upcoming launch of “Mayhem OD” on Pursuit. Visitors to the lot will find a party taking place Saturday July 27 complete with a BBQ smoker and outdoor and indoor showings of the show on large-screen TVs.

Chevy fans will be able to explore the 2014 models like the 2014 Silverado. Starting July 5, anyone who test drives a new Chevy at Crossroads will have a chance to win a televised hoghunt on a “Mayhem OD” episode. The winner will be announced, and randomly selected, July 27 around 3:30 pm.

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