New Year Resolutions for Drivers

Make a resolution to take better care of your car this year, even if you’ve already chosen a New Year resolution for yourself. There’s a lot to be gained from paying more attention to your vehicle. Here are a few suggested New Year resolutions for drivers to get you started. Happy New Year from all of us here at Crossroads Chevrolet!

Maintain your vehicle

  • Maintain – Taking care of your vehicle starts with reading the owner’s manual. Paying particular attention to the service schedule is important. Aim to make scheduled service appointments in advance and mark them on a calendar. Make sure to keep an eye on your vehicle’s appearance as well. Dents and scratches are fairly easy to remove and take little to no money.Tire air pressure check
  • Tires – Keeping up with your tires only takes a few minutes a week. Check the tire pressure and tread level to ensure there’s enough to provide proper traction. Taking care of your tires can lead to benefits like increased fuel economy, a smoother ride, and sharper handling.Driver safety
  • Efficient – Kick off the New Year by staying efficient when on the road. Avoid hitting the gas pedal hard and use cruise control when road conditions allow for it. Try not to idle, and don’t worry about warming up your engine—most are good to go within a minute of starting. Despite popular belief, your car will warm up faster while driving normally than if left idling in the driveway. Save gas and money this year!

With these New Year Resolutions for Drivers, you’ll be helping to make the road safer for you, your passengers, and everyone else on the road. For more information on maintaining your vehicle and keeping up its performance, come see us today at Crossroads Chevrolet!

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