These Winter Driving Safety Tips Will Prep You for a Snowy Season

Winter Driving Safety tips

Are you worried about the hazardous road conditions that winter is sure to bring? Whether your concern is preparing your car in the morning or driving on unexpected snowy roads, there is plenty you can do to prepare ahead of time.

To begin with, check out these winter driving safety tips.

  • Now is the time to make sure every part of your vehicle is functioning properly; evaluate the tires, the battery, the brakes, and the windshield wipers.
  • Stock your car with anything you may need, from an ice scraper and shovel to an extra pair of gloves and perhaps a spare coat.
  • Before the snow begins to fall, familiarize yourself with the area around you. If you needed to avoid a snowy hill – how else could you get home?
  • If you find yourself driving on a snowy road, be sure to increase the distance between your vehicle and the vehicles around it – and decrease your speed.
  • When driving on snow or ice, always accelerate or decelerate slowly; sharp changes in speed can cause loss of traction.
  • Lastly, find out if your vehicle has a four-wheel drive mode, operates in all-wheel drive, or simply relies on front-wheel drive by consulting your owner’s manual.

For more driving safety tips, or to test drive a new, winter-ready vehicle, visit us at Crossroads Chevrolet.

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