Road Trip Tips: Ways to Make Your Road Trip Great

It’s the last month of summer, so it’s time to hit the road for one last road trip! Whether you’re an experienced road tripper or a newbie, these road trip tips will help you have more fun and spend less.

Road Trip Tips - Crossroads ChevroletFirst, you have to get some boring stuff out of the way before you leave. Make sure your car is up to date on scheduled maintenance, check its oil, pull out the spare tire to look for cracks or worn tread, and get any weird noises or feelings inspected and repaired. Nothing ruins a road trip like breaking down a few hundred miles from home.

Stock up on bottled water and snacks that will keep on the road like trail mix and dried fruit. Avoid heavy, greasy food that will upset your stomach.

Save a few bucks on gas by reducing your cargo load as much as you can—don’t under-pack, but don’t over-pack either—and use helpful gas-finder apps like to find a cheap place to fill up in the area where you’re staying.

Bring plenty of entertainment for you and your passengers—books, CDs, audiobooks, handheld games, whatever will keep people occupied, especially if you have kids. The library is a great resource for this, since you don’t have to spend as much money!

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