Road Trip Games

Road Trip GamesSummer is finally here! If you are ready to load up the car and take a road trip, it is best to be prepared to keep everyone entertained with some great road trip games. Road trip games can bring family and friends together while avoiding complaints of boredom.

We at Crossroads Chevrolet have started a list of fun games for the road.

  • I Spy – This classic game is where one person picks an object that others have to guess the item by only having the clue of: “I spy with my little eye something that begins with the letter _____”. The clue could also be the object’s color. We recommend picking an object in the car and not something whizzing by outside!
  • Name that Tune – One player hums or whistles a song and the others try to guess the name of the song!
  • License Plates – Try to find cars from all 50 states. Variations on this game could be to look for the states in alphabetical order, or just looking for letters if you have younger kids.

These are just a few of the exciting games that can be played on a road trip; there are many more tried-and-true games! What is your favorite road trip game to play?

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